Whether we are coaching an organisation’s high potential leaders, working with employees on building a career plan or building wellbeing and resilience skills across an organisation our approach to supporting our clients is always practical and grounded in research.

Our team have certifications in a variety of assessment tools, and we will work with our clients to identify the most appropriate assessments to achieve the desired individual and business outcome.

The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method is one of the key assessment tools used by Compass Motivational Solutions. It is designed to accurately measure and understand individual performance potential. The Birkman leverages proven methodology to assist in identifying strengths associated with effective behaviours and strong interests. Underlying behavioural expectations and less effective behaviours for individuals are also explored.

When career planning is the focus, management styles, work styles and motivational alignment against 200 plus job titles across industry sectors can be examined for the individual.

By integrating both behavioural and motivational aspects, the personal management information captured by the Birkman opens the door to greater personal, team and organisational productivity.

Experience the Birkman

You can complete the Birkman Questionnaire or learn more about the services Birkman Australia provide through the Birkman Australia Website.

Birkman Certification

Compass Motivational Solutions Pty. Ltd. has been certified as a Learning Partner by Birkman International Inc, USA since 2004 and provides external Birkman certification training for users across Australasia.

We work with independent Consultants through to large corporate, Human Resources teams in acquiring Birkman Certification. Our extensive experience in the use of the Birkman and in Birkman Certification Training enables us to bring a highly practical and applied approach to all of our training to meet individual client needs.